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HEAR HEAR! The News Everyone Is Dying To Know

H&M just released news that their next designer partnership is with French designer Isabel Marant. 

Every it girl that loves fashion has at least one accessory or piece of clothe from this French brand. Mixing rock, boho chic, Isabel Marant is the designer to wear.
Although the collection is not out (only on November 14), we already know that she is designing for women, teenagers and for the first time, a men's collection.

We might add that here in The Follow Affair world, everybody is dying to see some images od this collection.

What about you, dear followers?! Love this news?!

xoxo, A

Strike A Pose... You're In Vogue Café

Hello Followers, I have been busy with exams and studying, boring stuff, and I wasn't able to come here and write.

Since 2008, Dubai is one of my vacation spots every summer. The mixing of the Occident and Orient traditions makes Dubai look like the perfect place to be happy, like in a Fairy Tale. All the famous brand have a spot in Dubai, from cafés to clothes, everything you need can be found in there. 

To had more glamour to this city, on May 30, Vogue opened a café in Dubai Mall, you can find it within the Shoe District. What better way to enjoy a coffee is there in the world?! Shoes and Coffee!!! On the opening you could find models (of course) -Karolina Kurkova, Petra Nemcova, Bianca Balti - and even a football player - Didier Drogba.