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Build It Yourself

Hello Dear Followers,

I hope the weekend is being good to you! In Portugal, the sun is out again but I stayed home, reading books, eating pizza, watching movies, doing the stuff that I don't have time to during the week :)
Today I decided to share with you some ideas to make you homes more fashion, I have to thank Lauren Conrad for the ideas.
I'm obsessed with her, from wardrobe to make up she helps you in everything. Since it's Sunday and most people stay home on the sofa doing nothing, grab somethings around the house and make cute pillows, flower arrangements.....

Winter is Coming.... so I have to go shopping

Hello Dear Followers,

Hope you guys are surviving in this crazy weather, I'm talking about Lisbon of course, it's cold and raining, just last week the sun was shinning and I was still wearing sandals!
Today, I went to Zara, and although the collection at first sight wasn't impressive, now I got admit there are some MAJOR pieces that my closet need to have, actually he screams  "BUY A NEW COAT, A NEW TRENCH COAT, SHOES SHOES I NEED SHOES". I'm scared that he will reject me, and runs away from me unless I buy new clothes.
So I decided to make a list based on the clothes I saw in Zara, and I wanted to share the collection pieces that I think it's important to survive this Winter.

Hope our affair followers like it. Let us know what you think ;)


Love the details on both coats


Fall/Winter 2012-2013 Do You Know the Trend???

Today, I decided to do a little feedback about what this season's trend is all about, to make inspire all of dear followers and help you guys decide what trend you will parade on the street. This year the trend is very versatile from leather to fur, you can choose whatever suits you best.
Let's start:

1. Florals
Who said that only in Spring the flowers bloom??? This year we have a Winter in bloom, lots of colors, forget the black, just because is cold and the normal colors in Winter are very dark, this year put some color on, and forget the winter's blue.

2. Oversize
Perfect fitting??? NAHHHHHH, we don't think so. Big is beautiful. Oversize coats, cocoon coats, billowing trousers. But now, our dear followers must be think, how can I wear oversize without looking like a perfect mess? Easy, just contrast volume with slimline structure in a stylish pairing of opposites.

3. Print
Eye -popping opticals, it's what Vogue called it. Wear it from head to toe, in suits or in co…

Let the Fashion Maniac Enter Your World

Just one more week, and Anna dello Russo accessory line is hitting the H&M stores around the world, or if you have a busy life you can go to the H&M online store and the accessories come to you! Either way it's fabulous to own this line, you can use it on the airport going on a trip to Milan, Japan or New York city, going to school or work, walking down the street and everyone will try to kill you with envy ;)

This collection as gold, animals, bright colors, extravagant forms and in all a very Anna dello Russo style. From crocodiles to serpents, knee high boots to ankle boots, travel bags to clutches, I fell in love with all of the collection, even if not all the accessories are my style.
You can go out naked to the street but if you have a one of this amazing accessories you will look dressed ;)
What do you guys think?? 

                        I love the necklace
         Has my name on it ;)

i wanna walk in this boots