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Are you conscious of what you wear?? ;)

Today I woke up due to me iPad telling me there are new things on H&M to spend money, and I went crazy for the collection!!
As you know, and probably seen on the runways, the use of fruits and plants on dresses and shirts is very fashionable. Ruffles is another must have, I always heard that the less is more, but when it comes to ruffles the more the merrier! ;) (ok, but don't excess, or you'll end up looking like a cake with legs and arms sticking out) Neon is seen in this collection too!!
Now, let's see the collection, first take a look at Conscious Collection (some of the items from this collection are a little bit to much on the price side) and to end look at the Trend Update

Let's start working our back muscles to look good in this dress :)

Very sexy, let's see some legs

This dress is verry Dolce&Gabbana

Follower Favorites

I know!! I know, our favorites were supposed to be on Saturday but we've been busy and entered the holidays, so we don't come here everyday. Anyway, here is our favorites of the week, hope you get inspired!

Best Quote: (Elizabeth Taylor was a true lady)

 New item on wishlist:

Best Combinations: (Ombre and lips)

by Ana


You Give Me Fever!!

I think the name of the post says everything that Christian Louboutin represents!! I never wore one pair from this shoe GOD but when I imagine it, it's basically me conquering the world, making every man kiss the floor that I walk on!! Tell me ladies if it's not what you feel when you think of this magical shoes. They have this presence that whoever wears them can do anything, be anyone and no one can stop her, cause the world belongs to her!! According to Marilyn Monroe "Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world", and she was so right. This quote should be the motto of Christian Louboutin!! What do you think, dear  followers?? Is out there someone who already wore this magical shoes?? What does it feel like?? Tell me everything!!!

I love everything single one of them, from the most formal to the craziest shoes that Monsieur Louboutin has designed, but this is the latest acquisition to me wish list!! THE SEX SHOE! ;) Kate Upton and Katy Perry were se…