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Come On, Vogue!

September means that Fashion Weeks are just around the corner, but to get this party started around the world for the serious shoppers you can count on Vogue Fashion's Night Out.
Lisbon comes to life with this event, the most beautiful streets fill with people having fun and shopping. 
This year the party is getting bigger and better. Over 250 stores, restaurants and services are open with discounts and activities. More areas of the city are taking part, more parties, more surprises. You can start this party at 19:00 in Rua Castilho and finish at 23:00 in Chiado. Oh and don't forget to enjoy the stores in Avenida da Liberdade, takes lot of photos in this beautiful avenue, inspired in Paris boulevards. Have lots of fun in the most beautiful city and shop till you drop
Hope to see you there...

For more information, ask in the comment section or visit Vogue Portugal

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High In The Sky

You know that feeling you get when you see something you like but you don't want to get into temptation? Your heart pumps harder, it's difficult to breathe, you try to forget it but no matter what you do, the image is always there in the corners of your mind! That's how I feel for the past weeks because (it's not a boy) of the Zara Over The Knee High Heel Leather Boots. We are meant to be together but no one is letting that romance go on. Everywhere I go the boots are sold out, internet, every Zara store in Lisbon, out of Lisbon, everywhere!! Ohhh and if they have a pair is in size 36!! Are all the girls, nowadays, big foots?? Or are they all crazy just like me for this beautiful boots??
I must admit that if I see someone with a pair walking around Lisbon, I will rob them.
Until then, let's all pray to the mighty god Zara to send more of this boots into store!! AMEN....

Allure Du Jour

Studying for the finals is killing me! I don't have time to come talk to my Followers!
Summer has arrived and my favorite Zara skirt is my best friend for the day
Zara Pencil Skirt Massimo Dutti Lace Top Ray Ban Wayfarer Zara Cross Strap Sandals Carolina Herrera Andy Bag
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Slide in Lisbon

What better way to spend the summer in the city? Sliding down a giant inflatable slide with water.
City Water Slide will visit the Portuguese capital in July 11 and 12, in Parque Eduardo VII.
The City Water Slide is an inflatable slide with two lanes and 300 meters long. Participants - which according to the rules published on the organization's website can not be less than six years or 1,20m or more than 100 kg - can lead floats and inflatables down the slide.
Tickets will be on sale next week, for a single descent the price is 10 euros, for 3 the price is 20 euros. For a single descent for two adults and two children the cost is 30 euros. If you don't want limit s and want to use the slide as many times as you want, the price for an adult is 45 euros. It's a fun way to spend the weekend in the hot, sunny Lisbon city, splashing, laughing and sharing with others. If you visit the city on that weekend don't forget to splash and slide in Parque Eduardo VII. Ohhhh and do…

And the Winners of the LVMH Prize are Marques'Almeida

It's amazing to awake up and see your country fashion representatives conquering an amazing prize. Marques’Almeida is a London based womenswear brand started by Portuguese designers Marta Marques and Paulo Almeida. They met while still fashion school in Portugal before both acquiring experience separately, Marta in Vivienne Westwood and Paulo at Preen. Later they met again during their MA at Central Saint Martins and it was during this years that they decided to come together as designers and create their own brand. Marques'Almeida launched in 2011, and already have been awarded the NEWGEN sponsorship  from the British Fashion Council/Topshop and have shown all their collections after SS 2013 on schedule at LFW. You already saw Rihanna and FKA Twigs wearing some pieces from this brand, thanks to their more urban style. Yesterday they won the LVMH prize for young designers, earning 300 000 euros and a year of counseling from the executives of the largest group of luxury brands…

Allure Du Jour

Red is one of my favorite colors but I only have this pants to wear in the hot color. Felt like the lady in red, fierce and confident, ready to conquer the world with nude pumps on of course.
Zara White Top with Back Ties
Zara Red Crop Pants
Ray Ban Wayfarer
Bershka Nude Heels
Carolina Herrera Andy Bag

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Cannes Film Festival (Part III)

I haven't forgotten about Cannes, it's just that I have been really busy with law and studying for exams. I'll put you updated, my followers can not lose the Cannes Film Festival and I'm here to help.

Fourth Day: May 16

Diane Kruger in Dolce & Gabbana - Matching her outfit with the beautiful blue sea surrounding her, she really is a fashion girl, experimenting and balancing chic and easy looks, the best of the best. I love her style on the red carpet Naomi Watts in Peter Pilotto - The perfect look from her wavy hair, make up to her accessories, all revolving around that gorgeous colorfully embroidered silk chiffon dress. The Jimmy Choo sandals are beautiful.  Natalie Portman in Christian Dior Couture - It's not shocking that Miss Portman only wears Dior on the red carpet and she did it once again. A beautiful and chic Dior Couture was her choice this time maintaining that glamorous edge we all love Natalie for. Dior and Natalie Portman really get along together.

Eye See You

Blogging has so many benefits and one of them is connecting you to the world, meeting new people, brands and online shops. By now you must know that I love the middle east and fashion there is growing and so are their fashion offers and shops, lately I fell in love with this Instagram online shop from Jordan, Retraw_. Has amazing clothes and accessories, and you want to buy it all but for now I would take the bag with the eyes, so cute. I first saw Haya Awad, the creator of the Karlito t-shirt, with one and wanted to know where could I buy it. They have all the same size, since mini bags are the IT bags now, they are perfect, and you can choose different colors. Ohh I want them all, but I would be happy with just the red one. Beside being beautiful they have the right price, only 55 USD.
Which one is your favorite?

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Remember, Remember! The Fifth of November

When you think life couldn't get better H&M drops a major bomb, Balmain is designing a line for the brand and it comes out this Fall, November 5th. I died and gone to the best brand collaboration heaven. I heard the news right before I went to bed and I am telling you, slept better than ever but at the same time super excited to get a look at the clothes, accessories that Olivier Rousteing had in mind. As I saw the news of this great collaboration, pictures of Kendall Jenner and Jordan Dunn in the red carpet next to Mr. Rousteing were circulating in the internet and my instant thought was that I wish those clothes could belong to the line. And you won't believe it, they really will be in the Fall and you can buy it, own it, wear it for life. Life is good!!
I don't know what I love more, the embellished blazer Kendall wore, the thigh-high boots, the top with mesh ropes or the silk satin skirt. I want them all. H&M, I'll be bankrupt after this line comes out.


Allure Du Jour

Summer is here, great weather, and my maxi dresses come out of the closet. I wear them around the house, they are super stylish but so comfortable and cool for this warm weather. My best friends for summer are Pepe Jeans maxi dresses, they have amazing colors and designs.

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Cannes Film Festival (Part II)

Third Day: May 15 Another day in Cannes, the stars look stunning in this environment, wearing the best ensembles on photocalls and red carpet. Here are the stars from day 4. Léa Seydoux in Prada - Of course she wore Prada, not admired at all. The dress is beautiful but it's from the Fall collection and in this French Riviera environment I would prefer seeing her in something more summery. Still looks lovely
Rachel Weisz in Narciso Rodriguez - Minimalistic, summery chic and looks amazing on her.
Emma Stone in Oscar de la Renta - Ohhh wow! A star that wore the perfect LBD for a photocall. Super appropriate for this event and it's so Emma Stone. The details of the lace are beautiful. A great choice.

Wish List

After a long day of study time and a little bit of yoga there's no better way to relax than doing some online shopping or just seeing what's new.
Uterqüe has amazing heels, and as a shoe lover myself of course I had to fell in love with some.
I found out that Summer is just around the corner and I don't have any sandals to wear, so I choose this gorgeous feather sandals, whether you wear jeans or a maxi dress they look so good.

The other day I went to Primark and there I found the most amazing high heel with snakeskin effect but just from putting them on my feet hurt, so that was a no buy. Instead I am thinking about this Uterqüe snakeskin effect heels, fell head offer heels for this heels. Perfect to wear them with my jeans.

My Mango black pumps are in serious need of retirement, so I have to find a new pair and this black high heels are the ones that I need.

Can you believe that I never owned a pair of red heels? How can that be? I shoe lover but never owned a pair o red …

Cannes Film Festival

After the Dior Cruise Collection in the French Riviera, The Follow Affair is going to Cannes, we can't stop traveling to show you all the important events of the season.
68th Cannes Film Festival has officially started and we want to see all the starts with their gowns in the red carpet of the most important film festival in existence. The eyes of all the fashionistas around the world are fixated on Cannes. Women are taking center stage as juries in the festival, with Sophie Marceau and Sienna Miller. So let's start this 12 days of pure red carpet heaven.

First day: May 13

Sara Forestier in Saint Laurent - The military jacket it's perfect with her black basics style, although the shoes are completely wrong.
Sienna Miller in Balenciaga - One word, elegance!
Sophie Marceau in Nina Ricci - Super chic look, so flattering in her and the feathers details are an extra touch to this amazing lady.

Under the Riviera Sun

This Cruise Collections are making us travel all over the world. First Seoul, then Palm Springs and now French Riviera. I don't even have time to unpack my bags with so much travel. The best part is that I love traveling even if I'm only seating in my couch looking at the collections through my Mac screen.
The place was the the house owned by Pierre Cardin, Palais Bulles, with an amazing view over the sea, the house screams summer fashion show must be presented here. The perfect place to present a Cruise Collection from the most classic and french luxury house of all fashion. Presenting collections in real places gives a unique touch to the collections presented, having architecture in the mix gives a special perception of the clothes, they stand out in this amazing houses, with alien lines, unique vision from his creator.
Raf Simons did an amazing work, he gets what women nowadays needs. Inspired by the Christian Dior's fifties full skirt silhouettes, putting together th…

Allure Du Jour

Been a long time since I made a post about my looks of the day! Such a hot day! The weather in Portugal is so good, too bad I can't go to the beach! The sun is out and the temperatures are rising and rising! Must repeat to myself: You have to study! You have to study! There's no beach outside! You have to study!

Louis Vuitton Neverfull Gap Denim shirt Mango Cropped Jeans Ray Ban Wayfarer Zilian Ballet Flats
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Christian Louboutin Giant Shoe Box

What's better than a giant box full of Louboutin heels? Nothing! But then again you can always order a giant Christian Louboutin shoe box so you can protect your fabulous shoes from dust, mean dogs that attack heels or just so you can have your collection in one place to look fabulous in your fabulous house. The creator of this amazing box is The Wood Sheikh, follow him on Facebook or Instagram to see his amazing products and watch the videos.
For a custom made shoe box in wood it's not very expensive, around 407 euros, just think that a pair of Christian Louboutin Pigalle is 485 euros.
I think the first step to take towards Christian Louboutin should be owning this box and then the shoes. The shoes need a pretty box so they can have a great life, and since they feel happy they won't hurt your feet, loving you forever.
This year I'll be a very good girl so that Santa brings me this box for next Christmas, I promise.

Pictures from The Wood Sheikh Facebook

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How To Be Parisian In California

Nicolas Ghesquière really knows how to bring the Parisian soul to the California state. On Thursday Louis Vuitton presented the Cruise Collection in the Bob Hope state and I must say that Nicolas impresses me every single time. Not only he revolutionized the most important symbol of the brand, the bags, but he also changed the brand itself.
The show counted with numerous celebrities and some of the brand's muses.

Wish List

I'm a huge Breakfast at Tiffany's fan, not only of the book but also read the book a 100 times. It's different interpretations of Holly Golightly but I love them both.
Audrey Hepburn turned this character into the most known in the classic movies, and even the accessories and clothes worn by the character  are wanted all over the world. I already wrote about the iconic lipstick worn by Holly in the cab scene, a Revlon pink color, that I totally want for my collection, unfortunately I haven't had the time to visit Revlon in Lisbon and buy the lipstick.
It wasn't only the lipstick that was turned into an iconic part of the movie, you can't talk about the movie without mentioning the sunglasses worn by Holly throughout the movie. At first I thought they were Ray Ban Wayfarer, the design looks a lot like the Ray Ban classic model but after intense research I found out the real thing.
Oliver Goldsmith designed the sunglasses, the model is called Manhattan, the are …

Middle East Girls Do It Better

When you start being a blogger, you have to invest in search, know everything first, share the information and interpret the way that it fits your blog. Lately I have been finding a lot about the middle eastern girl's style, looks, fashion queens and stores. It's amazing the way they dress, lots of blood colors, not afraid to be different, embracing fashion in a really cool, modern way. Truly inspirational! The Sisters is a reality show, they call it the Lebanon Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Actually I find it funnier. Who presented this girls to me was the co-founder  of The Follow Affair, M. We love their style, it's super fresh, comfortable but not forgetting to look fabulous, even with sneakers. It's hard to choose just one sister, all their style is very different but so awesome. Another middle eastern girl that I find super inspirational, I already made a post about her t-shirts, is the graphic designer and the fabulous Jordan designer of the Karlito t-shirts

Met Gala 2015 After Parties

Met Gala is not just about the event, the after parties are as important as the main event. The celebrities changed from their elaborate gowns into more comfortable clothes. From Rihanna to Michael Kors, the celebrities had a vast choices of parties.
The Follow Affair choose the best looks. Tell us what's your favorite.

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Louis Vuitton Cruise Collection

Today is the day! Louis Vuitton, one of my favorite brand will showing the 2016 Cruise Collection.
The place chosen by Nicolas Ghesquière is Palm Springs, in California. To be more precise the Futurist place of comedian Bob Hope and his wife Dolores, an iconic modern construction in the region, built by John Lautner in 1973.
For the designer this house is a symbolic milestone, that has inspired him from the first time he saw it, being the chosen ambience for his second Cruise Collection for Louis Vuitton.
The show will have 400 guests but you can watch the show in the comfort of your house, not missing any detail, live through the site of the brand starting at 18:15, local time
The Follow Affair will certainly watch the show even though in Portugal it will be at 2:15 in the morning but has a fan of the brand I cannot miss this.

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Adidas with Discount

If you are in Lisbon or planning to visit the city mark on your tour to go to Colombo Shopping Mall, where the new Adidas store opened yesterday. Stan Smith of course was the most bought modeled but the modeled designed by Pharrel Williams for the brand, Superstar was also flying of the shelves.
The Pharrel Williams collection has 50 colors to choose from but at the store you could only find very few.
The best part is that everything, I mean EVERY product has a 25% discount until May 12. With this discount, I think I'll finally buy my Stan Smith after all. It's an opportunity you can't miss so don't forget, visit the Adidas store in Colombo shopping mall.
Metro is an excellent choice to get there, Blue Line, Colégio Militar/Luz station.

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Dior Meets Pierre Cardin

The Cruise Collection has started and we can't wait to know all the cities where the brands are going to present them. Today Louis Vuitton will showcase the brand's upcoming resort collection in Palm Spring. After this on May 11, Raf Simons will present his latest ready-to-wear collection for Dior at the fantastic architectural residence of Pierre Cardin, Palais Bulles, in english Bubble Palace, planning multiple shows. The house was conceived by Hungarian architect Antti Lovag, looking over the Riviera coastline, between 1975 and 1989, being purchased by Cardin in 1992 Having a fantastic outside architectural design with circular windows and portals, the house is a living art, and what better place to present Dior's own living art collection? Dior choose this venue because of the link to Cardin, since Pierre Cardin worked beside founder Christian Dior from 1946 and even worked in the tailoring department that gave life to the iconic Bar jacket , an important piece to the…

Met Gala China: Through the Looking Glass

This year the theme was China: Through the Looking Glass in the most important fashion event, that gets together the most important editors, celebrities and models of the fashion industry, celebrating the opening of the new exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. There were a lot of looks and styles, some were fabulous, exuberant and creative but others totally missed what this event is all about, like Met Gala is just another red carpet moment.  The Follow Affair gave especial attention to the looks that respected the dress code, the way they interpreted the theme, even in little details (Selena Gomez dress or SJP headpiece) but there were looks that were just fabulous even though the theme wasn't there (Diane Kruger). Having said that, here is the best looks from the Met Gala.

Chanel Resort 2015

You might be crazy to watch the Met Gala looks but there was another important fashion event in another continent that we must not forget, the Chanel Resort (Cruise) 2015 in Seoul.
It was all about color, pop of colors everywhere, lighting the capital of South Korea.
The Follow Affair wants to share the looks, street styles and celebrities that turned Seoul into the most wanted city to be in, all fashionistas and models left west and traveled east.

OPI on My Walls? Yes, Please

By now you know that I'm a total fan of OPI nail products, following their new collections and products, and they keep on surprising me. What's better than having OPI on your nails? Well, it's OPI colors on your walls.
OPI's latest collaboration with Ace Hardware and paint brand Clark+Kensington is great, actually the first collection last year had a lot of fans, so for 2015 they decided to continue this friendship and expand the colors, 49 colors, Lincoln Park After Dark is one of them along with You don't Know Jacques and Samoan Sand. Ohhh I love Lincoln Park After Dark for winter, it's a dark purple color, sometimes I even think it looks black but then has a purple touch, super chic for your not tanned skin. So having this color on your walls must feel amazing, starting to match your nails to your walls would be great. The problem is that I would want to paint the walls according to my nails, and that wouldn't work.  Still I can dream, maybe in the futu…