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HEAR HEAR! The News Everyone Is Dying To Know

H&M just released news that their next designer partnership is with French designer Isabel Marant. 

Every it girl that loves fashion has at least one accessory or piece of clothe from this French brand. Mixing rock, boho chic, Isabel Marant is the designer to wear.
Although the collection is not out (only on November 14), we already know that she is designing for women, teenagers and for the first time, a men's collection.

We might add that here in The Follow Affair world, everybody is dying to see some images od this collection.

What about you, dear followers?! Love this news?!

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Strike A Pose... You're In Vogue Café

Hello Followers, I have been busy with exams and studying, boring stuff, and I wasn't able to come here and write.

Since 2008, Dubai is one of my vacation spots every summer. The mixing of the Occident and Orient traditions makes Dubai look like the perfect place to be happy, like in a Fairy Tale. All the famous brand have a spot in Dubai, from cafés to clothes, everything you need can be found in there. 

To had more glamour to this city, on May 30, Vogue opened a café in Dubai Mall, you can find it within the Shoe District. What better way to enjoy a coffee is there in the world?! Shoes and Coffee!!! On the opening you could find models (of course) -Karolina Kurkova, Petra Nemcova, Bianca Balti - and even a football player - Didier Drogba.

What Happens When A Doughnut And A Croissant Meet?

Our blog is not only about fashion, it's about life, and this involves enjoying it all, especially food. So here is our first post about the best thing in life, eating.
I'm sure that our followers from USA, especially from NYC know what I'm about to talk, it's the CRONUT.

The Road To Coachella

Kate Bosworth is the ultimate fashionista! Known for her street style and fabulous red carpet moments, now she will be known as a designer for TOPSHOP. Looking for the perfect festival wardrobe, run to the next TOPSHOP and buy the 16-piece range. 

All Eyes On Cannes

Cannes started with Carey Mulligan and the glamour of the premiere of "The Great Gatsby". See all the looks that make Cannes the most enchanting place on earth. Even the rain made this event look more brilliant and special.

Miss Vogue Is Now YSL Baby Doll Star

Cara Delevingne strikes again, the IT GIRL is unstoppable. The new face for YSL Baby Doll mascara, Cara appears in the video applying mascara in a building in the beautiful city of Paris, she is remembering the days of fun and party. From panting nails in a bathtub to guitar playing, Baby Doll make you think of the fun part of life. Seeing this video makes me want to buy this mascara, so I can have that much party in my life.YSL Baby Doll mascara is available from May 22.

Want to have that fun? Tell us what you think
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Big-Legged Woman Ain't Got No Soul

Karlie Kloss is a super amazing, super tall model, she has been criticised for being way too thin but hey what can you do when you are born like that?! She is still beautiful and has the most out of this world runway walk, taking advantage out of those loooooonnnnnnngggggg legs.
Now, Karlie knowing how the world of fashion works, especially the way the clothes are supposed to fit you. Designing a capsule collection for the denim label Frame. She created jeans long in the leg, in order to fit women who share the same proportions.
The designs have all a raised waistband because Karlie says jeans are not supposed to make you feel exposed.
Thanks Karlie, all the tall girls around the world.

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Gatsby Believed In The Green Light

I'm so obsessed with the new Gatsby movie, especially the wardrobe. And know Tiffany used Pinterest to reveal the jewels used in this great movie by Baz Luhrmann.
Go and check it, while we can't watch the movies, this pictures make us dream.

Tiffany&Co. Pinterest

Let us know what you think

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Once Upon A Time...

Keira Knightley is the new Coco Chanel in Karl Lagerfeld new movie of 18 minutes. Not only the british actress is the face of Chanel Mademoiselle, she also represents Chanel in this movie about the time Coco first shop in Deauville, France. You can also feast your eyes with Lindsey Wixson, Ashleigh Good, Tallulah Harlech, Caroline de Maigret, Amanda Harlech, Stella Tennant, Jamie Bochert, and Saskia de Brauw, it's a show of models that would look perfect in Vogue.

Don't expect great performances, they are models after all, but still it's a cute little film that can make you dream of the days that Chanel was trying to chance the World through the women's closet.

Tells what you think.

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Punk: Chaos to Couture Part III

Models, Models Everywhere. There wouldn't be a Met Gala without the models putting fashion on another level, with the gods.

Doutzen Kroes has sexy written all over her. In Theyskens’ Theory, punk went sexy all the way.
Joan Smalls wears sheer lace dress and is accompanied by Tom Ford.

Punk: Chaos to Couture Part II

Here comes the worst of the night.

Ginnifer Goodwin, this girl always surprises you on the red carpet and really likes to take fashion to another level that only she can pull it on the red carpet, but this look is just wrong. Raccoon  alert. I get that the theme is Punk and if you take it to literally you end up looking everything except fashionable. Wearing Tory Burch with a black tulle hem, the dress looked really good on her but then you stare at her from head to toe and the eyes make it all look really bad.

Madonna what the were you thinking?! Don't you have mirrors in you house, so you can see what you look like when you leave the house?! I have to admit, it take courage to leave the house looking like a grandmother using a really bad wig and some clothes from the time she was a size 2. It's just sad when people can't admit the age they have and making it look glamourous. She was wearing Givenchy.

Punk: Chaos to Couture Part I

This days all eyes were looking at the celebrities walking the Red Carpet in Met Gala this year.

First of all, I think it's important to know what the Met Ball really means, cause this event is not just celebrities in couture. The Costume Institute Gala is a ball that celebrates the annual opening of the Metropolitan Museum's fashion exhibit at the Costume Institute. Since 1948 the event has been an annual affair at the Met. Hosted by Vogue, this event is considered by fashion experts the best red carpet event in the fashion world.
Now that we ALL know what the Met Gala means, let me show you some of my favourite looks of the night and of course we cannot forget the worst dresses. Oh, and the theme of the party was PUNK
One of my favourite look was Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in Gucci, I have a girl crush on her, a really big one. From the makeup to the accessories, Rosie looked flawless.

What Do I Wear In Bed? Why, Chanel No. 5, Of Course

If you are in Paris there is an exhibit about the most famous parfum in the World, Chanel No. 5. In Palais de Tokyo you can see the amazing evolution of this fragrance throughout the years.
Since 1921, women and men alike have been infatuated by the intense smell and elegance that Chanel No. 5 represents. From Catherine Deneuve to Brad Pitt, this perfume had an extensive number of ambassadors.
Enter Gabrielle Chanel's World through this exhibit designed by Jean-Louis Froment.

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To All Mothers

Today we celebrate Mother's Day in Portugal.

Now being a mother and style go well together, showing your baby bump is considered beauty and elegant thank to the new materials and cuts that designers use to adapt to the new curves of your body.

Evan Rachel Wood
 Lily Aldridge
 Kate Middleton
 Alessandra Ambrosio
Lara Stone
Feliz Dia da Mãe Happy Mother's Day
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Standing On The Sun

She is sexy, beautiful, singer, actress, with her husband they make one of the most powerful couples on the world, what more can I say about Beyonce?! This woman has everything.

The new face of H&M swimsuit collection, Beyonce looks MAJOR. The colors not only used for the swimsuits but the ones that were captured by the photographs in the exotic locations, creates this huge need to buy them all and dream about the sun days at the beach.

And I leave the best for last, the sexy video with her new song "Standing On The Sun"

What do you think of this new collection? Let us now ;)
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Miss Vogue is Out

Who's the new girl on the debut cover of Miss Vogue??? Well, I think you all know her, is Miss Cara Delevigne! This girl can't be stopped! She is here to stay and the fashion world can't get enough of this IT GIRL.

She never disappoints, looking pretty in pink, she represents STYLE and FUN, when mixed together created this new baby called Miss Vogue ;) Aiming for a younger audience, Miss Vogue put together cute but still provides useful information for all the fashion followers out there.
(Miss Vogue was launched last year by Australian Vogue, now is the UK Vogue).

Are you going to buy the new magazine? Tell us what you think followers
Find the highlights in the official Vogue web page:

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Even Heroes Need High Heels to Safe the World

Julian Hakes in known for designing this weird but inspiring shoes, the Mojito shoe. When you first see it you ask your self "How on Earth am I using this as a shoe??" but let me tell you I tried them on the last time I was in Dubai for my holidays and they look amazing ;) 

So you now that Iron Man 3 is in cinemas and to celebrate this, Julian Hakes created a Mojito shoe that even Iron Man himself could wear and save the world or just give it as a present to her lovely girlfriend, Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow is a fan of this iconic shoes, donated a signed pair of Mojitos shoes to help raise money for 'Stand Up For Cancer UK' last year)

Even has LED light resembling the 'ARC-reactor' that powers Iron Man's suit.

Julian Hakes is a fan of Tony Stark. 

Would you wear this shoe or are like me, I would love to buy so I could look at them?
Leave your comments :)

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Bee's Knees

Let the jazz in, the Roaring Twenties are here to stay!

And all thanks to the MAJOR Vogue cover with the beautiful Carey Mulligan! By now you all know Mulligan is playing Daisy in the new version of The Great Gatsby, where she makes a disappointing character (you know what I mean if you read the book) looking quite interesting just by adding gorgeous clothes and accessories to the mix. Mulligan and Prada dresses look so good together it hurts my eyes! Dressing her in Prada completes the character, showing us that Daisy Buchanan is in fact a selfish, shallow woman although Fitzgerald associates her with innocence. Completed by Tiffany's & Co. jewels is impossible for you not to fall in love with her.
Now enjoy the show and tell us what you think.

This headpiece is the same one you can see in the poster!

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