Thursday, April 30, 2015

Portuguese Fashion Conquering the World

As a Portuguese, I proudly defend what my country has to offer when it comes to fashion and it's fantastic when I read articles about the Portugal fashion industry gaining importance in the world.
I'm talking about a Forbes article I read recently talking about how Portuguese fashion designers, starting to have influence in the fashion industry.
Portugal Fashion that happens in Lisbon and Porto, it's our own fashion week. This year back in March, we celebrated 20 years, and it's about time that fashion puts eyes on what we have, on what we can contribute to this industry.
As one of the leaders when it comes to exporting textile and leather goods thanks to our high qualities, Portugal should attract more investors and more fashion industry lovers. Portuguese designers resort mainly to national producers and goods, for example cork, it's fantastic what we can do with cork, accessories, clothes, the way we can shape it's unique, and that should be shared with the international industries.
We already conquered a lot of labels when it comes to our textile industry, the Made in Portugal tag is starting to gain ground, from Zara to Versace, they all want our textile.
Our high quality leather shoes is on the rise, and our shoe designers are starting to get their products out, Luis Onofre is one of the best from the designs to the quality is fantastic, competing with the best on the market. Josefina is another brand that is gaining followers, I already made a article about them, they even have the most expensive ballet flats.

As I read on the Forbes article: ''With such an abundance of materials, Portugal could be the perfect place for a designer to set up shop'' and I couldn't agree more. Being a young designer is hard in Portugal compared to other countries where the fashion industry is really important for the economy, of course you can go out and maybe start your own company in another country but not all have that opportunity and besides if all of them started to emigrate things wouldn't change, we need to fight the problem internally so that our young designers can represent Portugal, get to the top and compete next to other international labels, just as good as them.
Portugal fashion industry can go global, I believe in the best my country has to offer, that's what I am doing through this blog, I want to place our national designers out there, get Portugal on the map next to Milan and Paris Fashion Week and conquer the fashion industry.
Please read and share this text and the Forbes article, help get the word out there.

xoxo, A

Allure Du Jour

Felling the mini dress with boots, and adding fringe to the mix. Living the '60s and '70s today. Rocking the Spring trends.

Lancel Fringe Bag
Zara Coral with Fringe Back Dress
Diane von Furstenberg Suede Camel Boots

xoxo, A

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

V is My Favorite Letter

The new summer collection from Louis Vuitton is fantastic!
It has two main themes, first is the "V" inspired from the Volez, Voguez and Voyagez advertisement from the '60s. Nicolas Ghesquière is really inspired by the history of Louis Vuitton how it all started, with travel luggage. I really appreciate what he is doing for LV.
Second, the introduction of the "Ramage" pattern, you get a sense that it was inspired by under the sea landscapes and colors.
This is truly a summer collection. Got to visit the Louis Vuitton in Lisbon to take a peek at this collection.

xoxo, A

Wish List

I person wakes up late, energized and when you think the day isn't getting better then this, IT DOES!!
OK, I'm going to tell you a secret, it's been killing me but hey you ar my Followers you need to know the truth. One of the IT shoes for this season, espadrilles, I hate it!! There I said it. Ok, maybe I don't hate it, it's just not my style, even though the Chanel espadrilles are amazing but not me, flats ar not my thing, I use them very little, heels are my kind of shoe
Ok buut, the day got better because Christian Louboutin made an amazing shoe, that I definitively want, the platform espadrille!!! I'm jumping up and down as I write this.
They are named Dehia, very chic name, with a high wedge (12 cm / 4.5''), and with a fantastic platform (7.5 cm / 3''), they are so gorgeous. Only Monsieur Louboutin to make this fantastic blend of wedge and espadrille, making me totally crazy about a shoe with espadrille in the mix.
Of course is going to my wish list, and I will dream about Dehia until she is in my arms, I mean feet, safe and sound.

xoxo, A

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Get Inspiration

Fringe never goes out of style! Since the flappers years fringe has ornamented fashion through the ages, having an explosion in the '70s. Back in that time the fringe helped a revolution of ideas, worn by those tired of the same system, actually if you think about it, fringe has always been always connected to changes in the world. In the '20s fringe wore worn by girls that were tired of the victorian style that persisted, they cute their hair, put on loose dresses with fringes that they shook while dancing crazy listening to jazz, liberating themselves from years of oppression.
Nowadays there's not one season where fringe is not an important element and this Spring is no exception, they have conquered the urban girl, they are welcome in the city as they are in festivals like Coachella. Different and amazing ways you can wear them, thanks to the fantastic ideas designers have. 
But don't abuse it, in my opinion and my style I like to see just one item with fringe, special the accessories,  bag or a heel, fringes look great on accessories. Every year I chance where I want fringe, last year I was obsessed with fringes on bags, this year I want them in heels. I love them on shoes, heels, sandals, flats, whatever I want fringe. The Valentino leather pumps are amazing, the color is beautiful, they scream my name but I get a hold of myself because the price is not in my range unfortunately, so I need to find something more economical. After a lot of searching I found the Zara fringed sandals, and they look awesome whether in black or ecru, the fringe gives  special touch to them.
If you are looking for fringe heels t a good price, The Follow Affair has your back.

xoxo, A

Monday, April 27, 2015

Allure Du Jour

Great Monday, this week is going to be easy, only two days of college classes, the time will pass by quick. Hope you has an amazing Monday!

Ray Ban Wayfarer
Zara Beaded Top
American Eagle Outfitters Jeggings
Furla Candy Bag
Isabel Marant Bekett Wedge Sneakers

xoxo, A

TchiTchi Doll

Accessories for bags are a must, a few months ago you only worried about the accessories you were going to use, earrings, bracelets, necklace but now you need to think about what accessory your bag needs for your look to be complete.
The variety is enormous, just with the Fendi monsters you have a lot to pick from and of course my favorite Karlito man. I also discovered a new bag accessory, the TchiTchi Doll.
The beautiful hand made doll figures are a creation from a Lebanese fashion expert and TV presenter, Fadia Dekmak, the idea started June 2014 and the fans on Instagram keep on growing, The Follow Affair being one of them. Compare to the Fendi monsters the TchiTchi dolls are more within your price range.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Portuguese Designers Conquering the World: Sophia Kah

The other day I was fascinated by the dress Beyoncé wore for her mother's wedding day, a beautiful white lace gown with a V neck. Yoncé looked flawless in the photo taken next to her mother, sister and friends but the important question that you should be asking yourself is: Who's the designer of the gown? And I have the answer.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Shopping in Lisbon: Avenida da Liberdade

No, I haven't forgotten about the Shopping in Lisbon issue, I just been really busy and the next spot I want to talk about is my favorite so I want to show you everything in perfection.
This first post about the avenue will be an introduction, a general view to get you all excited.
It's the most important avenue in Lisbon, with ten lanes divided by pedestrian pavements decorated with gardens, connecting Restauradores with Marquês de Pombal. The avenue was built in the XIX, modelled after the boulevards of Paris and became a preferred address for the upper class.
Many of the original buildings can still be found, reflecting the Portuguese architecture from the late 19th century. The sidewalks are paved with the traditional Portuguese pavement and the roundabouts are decorated with monuments and statues that pay homage to important personalities. My favorite is the Monument to the Heroes of the Great War, a tribute to the 50,000 Portuguese soldiers that fought in World War I.

Are You Ready for the Met Gala?

First of all, this year Met Gala is going to be available to anyone through a screen. It's great, Vogue and Condé Nast Entertainment will join the Relativity Studios to produce and distribute a documentary that will show everything that happens behind closed doors in one of the most anticipated events of the fashion world.
Andrew Rossi will be in charge, an american director and the produced by Fabiola Beracasa-Beckman. The gala will be co-presented by actresses Jennifer Lawrence and Gong Li, the businesswoman Wendi Murdoch, the chairman of Yahoo Marissa Mayer and by the editor in chief of American Vogue magazine Anna Wintour.
This big event will take place in May 4th at the Costume Institute, Met Museum, this year theme is going to be China: Through the Looking Glass. I expect to see amazing dresses, they get better and better every year.
A lot of celebrities, designers, models will be present but don't hope to see the new IT girl, Kendall Jenner, Chanel's Cruise Show is schedule for the same night in Seoul although another favorite IT model and Chanel muse is going to be present, Cara Delenvigne.
Can't wait to see Blake Lively in the red carpet, she is killing it in the Age of Adaline world tour, amazing looks, wowing me every single time, so I expect to see an amazing look for the Met Gala next to her hot husband Ryan Reynolds.
Now, you have no excuse to miss this event, get ready properly or you are going to the worst dressed.

xoxo, A

Friday, April 24, 2015

Is It Dior in a Comic Book?

I'm not a comic book girl! I have read the classic ones that every little kid reads when they are young, Tintin, Asterix and Obelix, Mickey Mouse, besides this I'm not crazy about this type of books.
Buuuut I'm going crazy for this Dior comic book from the writer and graphic designer Annie Goetzinger. Amazing illustrations, with breath taking dresses describes in perfection every look and character in a luxurious world.
Main character is named character and the story revolves around her being a fashion journalist that after attending a Dior fashion show, in 1947, the year it revolutionized the industry introducing the "New Look", arouses the attention of the designer.
Being a fan of this house I'm going to buy the book for sure but for now is going to my Wish List.

Allure Du Jour

Horrible Friday, college all day, got home late, super tired but I love coming here and share with my Followers how my day went and the new things I want to to know. In the morning it was raining, super weird weather, so I had to take my super cute H&M trench coat. It's amazing how every time I put him way in the closet the rain comes again. After this day I'm ready for a relaxed weekend, just me and my Tobias.

H&M Trench Coat
Vintage Lace Top
Mango Top
American Eagle Outfitters Jeggings
Zara Mini Citybag
Steve Madden Odyssey Over the Knee Boots

xoxo, A

Go Nude with Louboutin

What woman doesn't want to own a pair of Louboutins? I speak for myself that I would go bananas to buy the Pigalle black style, actually I had lots of opportunities to own them but a girl has priorities, I'm not Carrie Bradshaw a writer living in NYC and that can buy 500 dollar shoes everyday.
Besides the Pigalle, another style that I would love to have would be a pair from the Nude collection and Christian Louboutin has just expanded the collection so that you can find your color skin in perfection and look amazing. This collection started back in 2013 and the new colors were presented in New York, Bergdorf Goodman.
Nude is the best color shoe, it goes with everything you wear, it's very classic and elegant, never goes out of style, if you are wearing them with a skirt, your legs will look longer and thiner. What girl doesn't want that? If you can't have long legs give the illusion, I'm not very tall, like 169cm so this shoes are perfect.
According to the designer next year more colors are going to be presented, intermediate colors that still don't exist, so if you can't still find the right color for your skin, you can wait for next year and buy the right shoe with the right color.

xoxo, A

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Lauren Conrad the New Minnie Mouse

Lauren Conrad not only has an amazing style but she also is an amazing designer and has great ideas for collections. The last one is Minnie Mouse inspired, it's super cute. Who doesn't like Minnie? I speak for myself, when I was young on Carnaval (Carnival) dressed as Minnie Mouse, I was so cute and so happy until some boy made fun of me on the street and ruin my day, it's a trauma :P
This collection has adorable dresses, with polka dots, sweetheart necklines and Peter Pan collars.
It's not the first time LC designs a Disney inspired collection for Kohl's - remember the Cinderella collection. I love the pictures, so girly and lovely, the red lipstick is perfect and don't forget the ears, with this pieces I wouldn't mind turning into Minnie.

xoxo, A

Allure Du Jour

The day went slowly but it's already Thursday so no problem. Day spent at college, studying and going to classes. Today my Marni for H&M t-shirt went for a walk, I love it for the bright colors, since I usually wear it with black, makes an awesome state.

Zara Blazer with Lapel
Marni for H&M T-shirt
American Eagle Outfitters Jeggings
Furla Candy Bag
Mango Leather Pumps

xoxo, A

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Karlito Fever

If you follow me on Instagram, you already know that I'm crazy about Karlito bag charm from Fendi. It's the perfect accessory for a bag or even for your keys, he is the perfect man, cool, chic and super IN, giving an extra boost to your life. The only problem is, like anything that is this perfect, that it's super expensive more than 1000$. Unfortunately!!

BUUUUTTTTTT.... You can have Karlito t-shirt they are fantastic. I discovered last night after a lot of research that this amazing t-shirt is designed by a Jordanian designer Haya Awad, Fashion Attack.
She sells the Karlito t-shirt in Dubai (studio8fashion, in The Dubai Mall), Abu Dhabi , Lebanon, Jordan, Oman, Cairo, Kuwait and Bahrain boutiques. OOOOOHHHHHH I wish I was in Dubai so I could purchase this beauty!

All the photos from Fashion Attack / Haya Awad Facebook

The graphic designer Haya Awad. She is gorgeous, very stylish, super chic and makes amazing t-shirts. Visit her Facebook page.

xoxo, A

Are you "Conscious" like Olivia Wilde?

"I love the Conscious Exclusive collection at H&M, both for the look, and also for its ethics. This is how all fashion should be: great style that's naturally more sustainable", Olivia Wilde. This quote resumes the Conscious collection by H&M.
Having Olivia Wilde has the face for the capsule collection, of course all the materials are organic, including 83% organic cotton and recycled sequins.
Can't wait to visit an H&M store and take the collection for a spin, specially the smoking look.

xoxo, A

Alber Elbaz in Dubai Part II

Last week I told you about the anticipated visit of the creative director of Lanvin to Dubai, where he staged a private presentation of the brand's signature pieces and also the capsule collection that has been created exclusively for the region. Now I have the photos (from Buro24/7 Middle East).
The collection exhales a mix of French and Arabic styles, even in the decoration you get that sense of fusion of east and west, the perfect balance.

Long flowing gowns and embroidered jumpsuits and jackets, were seen on this collection. Love the red long flowing coat, beautiful with those fringes and the detail of the rope.

xoxo, A