Are you conscious of what you wear?? ;)

Today I woke up due to me iPad telling me there are new things on H&M to spend money, and I went crazy for the collection!!
As you know, and probably seen on the runways, the use of fruits and plants on dresses and shirts is very fashionable. Ruffles is another must have, I always heard that the less is more, but when it comes to ruffles the more the merrier! ;) (ok, but don't excess, or you'll end up looking like a cake with legs and arms sticking out) Neon is seen in this collection too!!
Now, let's see the collection, first take a look at Conscious Collection (some of the items from this collection are a little bit to much on the price side) and to end look at the Trend Update

Let's start working our back muscles to look good in this dress :)

Very sexy, let's see some legs

This dress is verry Dolce&Gabbana


  1. I can honestly say I love every single piece...bad news for my bank balance!!
    Would love you to stop by my blog & check out my latest outfit post...if you love please follow & I'll follow you back xoxo

  2. wow love the photos!



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