Even Heroes Need High Heels to Safe the World

Julian Hakes in known for designing this weird but inspiring shoes, the Mojito shoe. When you first see it you ask your self "How on Earth am I using this as a shoe??" but let me tell you I tried them on the last time I was in Dubai for my holidays and they look amazing ;) 

So you now that Iron Man 3 is in cinemas and to celebrate this, Julian Hakes created a Mojito shoe that even Iron Man himself could wear and save the world or just give it as a present to her lovely girlfriend, Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow is a fan of this iconic shoes, donated a signed pair of Mojitos shoes to help raise money for 'Stand Up For Cancer UK' last year)

Even has LED light resembling the 'ARC-reactor' that powers Iron Man's suit.

Julian Hakes is a fan of Tony Stark. 

Would you wear this shoe or are like me, I would love to buy so I could look at them?
Leave your comments :)

xoxo, A


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