What Happens When A Doughnut And A Croissant Meet?

Our blog is not only about fashion, it's about life, and this involves enjoying it all, especially food. So here is our first post about the best thing in life, eating.
I'm sure that our followers from USA, especially from NYC know what I'm about to talk, it's the CRONUT.

Melts in your mouth like a croissant but has the shape of a doughnut. On the inside you can find a sweet cream and when you bit it you can here this crack delicious sound. This beauty was created by Dominique Ansel in NYC, started being sold less then a month ago, but it's already considered the new sensation in the pastry world. Join the cronut movement here.

Everyday 200 cronuts are made and they sell in less then an hour. So if you are in NYC, visit this famous pastry shop in Soho, ohhh and don't forget to eat it the exact way, so you can taste every layer.
Dominique Ansel will explain it:
"Please cut the cronut, so the layers won't get destroyed. They need to be eaten right away, never the next day - the perfect quality only lasts six hours and on the fridge they lose their taste. Finally, try to eat each layer one by one, like a mille feuilles (thousand leaves)."
Tells about your experience, if you already ate one.

P.s. Don't forget to bring me one, PLEASEEEEEE!!!!

xoxo, A


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