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Since I can remember I've always had a negative response to vegetables, I would force myself to eat them because they are good for you. The problem was the taste, or more correctly, no taste at all. The ready to eat products found are not fresh and most of the times what you find is the basic same old salad with a not so healthy sauce.

While shopping I came across an amazing brand, Sun&Vegs, and my idea about flavorless vegetables changed completely.

Tasty. Delicious. Healthy. That's the correct way to describe Sun&Vegs. Fresh and natural ingredients, making the most unexpected combinations.

Presenting different ranges, from salads, to microwave and pre-cooked meals, having each option different tastes and combinations.

I have tasted three different meals, and let's say that Sun&Vegs conquered my taste buds (and my heart, of course).
Moroccan tabulat was my first go to. I have to admit that I loved the presentation and the colors, the freshness of the grains and the vegetables was incredible.

Pesto pasta was my second attempt. The mix of the pesto with fusilli, mushroom, broccoli, zucchini and cauliflower was so tasty, that I wanted to eat more by the end. I was hooked!

After this what could be better? Well, the luscious indian rice and the edamame salad. The perfect balance of proteins and greens in one meal. Even as a side dish, they upgrade your everyday meals, and in a very healthy way introducing vegetables and the best grains into your lifestyle.

Sun&Vegs is a big part of my life and hope they extend their rage to other meal preparations.

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