Fall/Winter 2012-2013 Do You Know the Trend???

Today, I decided to do a little feedback about what this season's trend is all about, to make inspire all of dear followers and help you guys decide what trend you will parade on the street. This year the trend is very versatile from leather to fur, you can choose whatever suits you best.
Let's start:

1. Florals
Who said that only in Spring the flowers bloom??? This year we have a Winter in bloom, lots of colors, forget the black, just because is cold and the normal colors in Winter are very dark, this year put some color on, and forget the winter's blue.


2. Oversize
Perfect fitting??? NAHHHHHH, we don't think so. Big is beautiful. Oversize coats, cocoon coats, billowing trousers. But now, our dear followers must be think, how can I wear oversize without looking like a perfect mess? Easy, just contrast volume with slimline structure in a stylish pairing of opposites.


3. Print
Eye -popping opticals, it's what Vogue called it. Wear it from head to toe, in suits or in coats, in what makes you feel more comfortable. Remember, this is VII (Very Important Info), choose clean lines that won't fight the pattern.

4. Leather
Any woman who wears this, will feel like she can rule the world, and no one will stop her, or if they try first they have to taste leather boats. From rebel, vixen or dominatrix, this trend can adapt to your personality . Leather is not only about black, navy-blue is a good alternative. From coats to skirts, you will rock this trend.

5. Art
This is a very beautiful and with lots of adorned designs. Gem-encrusted silks, velvets, this are the type of objects and fabrics you can find in this trend, that you saw on the runways of Dolce&Gabbana or Lanvin.

6. Purple
Remember, forget the black a little this season, color deserves to go out of the closet in Winter too. Purple was only worn by elite few in the past, but this season everyone can go out and walk with the color of luxury and passion on their back, or on their shoes. From head to toe, to just one statement piece, the important part is to wear purple.

7. Waist
Silhouette is  very in. Beautiful tailored curves, belted middles. Create that hourglass line that is super-feminine. Don't forget, belts are the big accessory in this feminine story. BELTS, BELTS, BELTS......

8. Peplums
The adventure continues, after conquering the summer, peplums are here to stay even in Winter. On darker shades, you will find them in cocktail dresses or in skirt suits.

9. Fur
What can I say about this?? Well..... It's winter, they are cozy and fashion, and can't see better excuse to use them.

Hope it can helps put your wardrobe together.

xoxo A


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