Winter is Coming.... so I have to go shopping

Hello Dear Followers,

Hope you guys are surviving in this crazy weather, I'm talking about Lisbon of course, it's cold and raining, just last week the sun was shinning and I was still wearing sandals!
Today, I went to Zara, and although the collection at first sight wasn't impressive, now I got admit there are some MAJOR pieces that my closet need to have, actually he screams  "BUY A NEW COAT, A NEW TRENCH COAT, SHOES SHOES I NEED SHOES". I'm scared that he will reject me, and runs away from me unless I buy new clothes.
So I decided to make a list based on the clothes I saw in Zara, and I wanted to share the collection pieces that I think it's important to survive this Winter.

Hope our affair followers like it. Let us know what you think ;)


Love the details on both coats



Trousers: (Leather)


I'm Crazy about this skirts! Specially the mermaid ones, reminded me Amanda Tannen from Ugly Betty!! MAJORRR


Shoes: The never ending love

xoxo A


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