Holidayyyy!!! Oh wait, they are over

Dear Followers,

We've been away for a really long long time (we like to take the blog step by stepconquering the World slowly), but know that Summer is almost over, I actually missed the blog and reading the comments.
So what happened during this period of Sun, Beach and Tan months?? We were enjoy the beautiful sun, M was in Algarve making the weather even Hotter with her styles of neon, flowy dresses and wedges, on the other side of the world, in Dubai, I (A) was enjoying long days on the swimming pool, salty beachs and really REALLY hot weather.
(If M wants, she can talk about her vacay on another post)

For me was just another year going there for my Holidays, but since Dubai is a city that never stops, new shops open, new buildings, new faces, always renovating ;)

Besides going to the beach, of course, I went shopping:
>Lauren Conrad Style book (I love her even more now)
>Steve Madden shoes (really tall)
>Lots of other books, not about fashion
>Lana del Rey CD (obsessed with her style and voice)
>Jeans from American Eagle (they are so cheap but have amazing cut)

I hate a lot of Macaroons from Pierre Herme, I'm head over hills with this brand, amazing the flavors he creates. Although I love Laduree after tasting Pierre Herme, I forgot about the other brands of Macaroons! Even the box is beautiful, covered with all the symbols of Paris.
Of course my birthday was celebrated in Dubai, just my family but it was great, and the best part MY CAKE WAS SOOOOOO BEAUTIFUL.

Well this was basically my vacay, I'll post some photos. Hope you guys like it

Love this app that tells when you can use skirts

Skirt Alert

Henna painting

Souk near Dubai Mall

Lemon Meringue pie

Pierre Herme Macaroons box
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xoxo A


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