Build It Yourself

Hello Dear Followers,

I hope the weekend is being good to you! In Portugal, the sun is out again but I stayed home, reading books, eating pizza, watching movies, doing the stuff that I don't have time to during the week :)
Today I decided to share with you some ideas to make you homes more fashion, I have to thank Lauren Conrad for the ideas.
I'm obsessed with her, from wardrobe to make up she helps you in everything. Since it's Sunday and most people stay home on the sofa doing nothing, grab somethings around the house and make cute pillows, flower arrangements.....

 Loved this revamp your clutch, gonna try this one

 Flowers make a home super girlie

 The bow lamp is super cute and really easy to make

Go to Lauren's blog and share your handcrafts ;)  Lauren Conrad

xoxo A

P.s. share pictures of how your experience turned out


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