Eye See You

Blogging has so many benefits and one of them is connecting you to the world, meeting new people, brands and online shops. By now you must know that I love the middle east and fashion there is growing and so are their fashion offers and shops, lately I fell in love with this Instagram online shop from Jordan, Retraw_. Has amazing clothes and accessories, and you want to buy it all but for now I would take the bag with the eyes, so cute. I first saw Haya Awad, the creator of the Karlito t-shirt, with one and wanted to know where could I buy it. They have all the same size, since mini bags are the IT bags now, they are perfect, and you can choose different colors. Ohh I want them all, but I would be happy with just the red one. Beside being beautiful they have the right price, only 55 USD.
Which one is your favorite?

xoxo, A


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