Christian Louboutin Giant Shoe Box

What's better than a giant box full of Louboutin heels? Nothing! But then again you can always order a giant Christian Louboutin shoe box so you can protect your fabulous shoes from dust, mean dogs that attack heels or just so you can have your collection in one place to look fabulous in your fabulous house. The creator of this amazing box is The Wood Sheikh, follow him on Facebook or Instagram to see his amazing products and watch the videos.
For a custom made shoe box in wood it's not very expensive, around 407 euros, just think that a pair of Christian Louboutin Pigalle is 485 euros.
I think the first step to take towards Christian Louboutin should be owning this box and then the shoes. The shoes need a pretty box so they can have a great life, and since they feel happy they won't hurt your feet, loving you forever.
This year I'll be a very good girl so that Santa brings me this box for next Christmas, I promise.

Pictures from The Wood Sheikh Facebook

xoxo, A


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