High In The Sky

You know that feeling you get when you see something you like but you don't want to get into temptation? Your heart pumps harder, it's difficult to breathe, you try to forget it but no matter what you do, the image is always there in the corners of your mind! That's how I feel for the past weeks because (it's not a boy) of the Zara Over The Knee High Heel Leather Boots. We are meant to be together but no one is letting that romance go on. Everywhere I go the boots are sold out, internet, every Zara store in Lisbon, out of Lisbon, everywhere!! Ohhh and if they have a pair is in size 36!! Are all the girls, nowadays, big foots?? Or are they all crazy just like me for this beautiful boots??
I must admit that if I see someone with a pair walking around Lisbon, I will rob them.
Until then, let's all pray to the mighty god Zara to send more of this boots into store!! AMEN....

xoxo, A


  1. Love these kind of boots! Perfect!



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