LV Stands for Louis Vuitton

I have known LouisVuitton company ever since my mother bought her first bag, since then I fell in love with the company and when I grew up and came in 2008 to study in Portugal I wanted to represent a brand like LV.

Such a big connection I created to the brand that not only I like to use their bags but I study the brand by reading books and trying to understand the beginning of LV. I understand the philosophy LV stands for and in a world wide market it's important to have that specific thing that distinguishes from other luxury brands. LV is such a valued brand that since it was founded, 1854, the brand had to fight against copies of the models. And now has a really hard philosophy and drastic measures against fake.

My favorite bags are Speedy and Noé. Unfortunately I don't have the Speedy, only my mother, that from time to time lets me take her out for a spin. Noé was my mothers first bag and my first love from LV, and with her I had a great and long relationship, until my mother decided to take her back with her and left me Neverfull. I miss her! 
Noé is the second oldest bag in Louis Vuitton, 1932 (Speedy is from the same decade), and that's what I love about the brand, such and old bag it's still used and wanted by a lot of women in the XXI century. I love the story about the Noé bag. A champagne producer Looking for a stylish way to transport his valuable vintages, placed a special order with Gaston-Louis Vuitton. He designed a timelessly simple bucket shape, which could hold four bottles upright and a fifth upside down, secured with a supple leather drawstring. So, everytime you want to have champagne do it with your Noé bag, she will appreciate it.

Now there's a new version: Noé BB. It's so cute, I love mini bags but this one is so perfect and you can use it across the body. This way the legend lives on.
The family home of Louis Vuitton himself - and the workshop where all the most beautiful and exclusive custom bags and luggage are constructed, still exist but no longer houses the Vuitton family and the workshop sits alongside the home. 

Through out the years LV had a lot of collaborations, Takashi Murakami, Steven Sprouse and Yayoi Kusama. 

In 1997, Louis Vuitton made Marc Jacobs its Artistic Director and in 1998 he designed and introduced the company's first "prêt-à-porter" line of clothing for men and women. Marc Jacobs was in Lv until 2013, when the company confirmed that Nicolas Ghesquière had been hired to replace Marc Jacobs. Ghesquière's first line was shown in Paris in March 2014.

The stores represent the label every well, from the staff and their clothes to the store and the location of it. I love to visit most stores around but my favorite are the ones in Lisbon (Avenida da Liberdade) and in Paris (Champs Elysees), although I never had the pleasure to visit the latter. The Portuguese LV on Avenida da Liberdade is beautiful, not only is situated in a beautiful avenue but the store itself is astonishing. Has a lot of light and the staff is amazing from the store manager to the clients assistants, always ready to help you with a smile, showing you the shop around and the products are very well presented. Holly Golightly had Tiffany's and I have Louis Vuitton for the mean reds.

As you can see LV is my go to brand when it comes to luxury bags and I hope through this text you can understand why and maybe you will see the brand not just another luxurious label but a house that tells stories through their bags.

xoxo, A


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