That '70s Show

Looking back at the Spring/Summer 2015 collections we can see that the '70s are back. In Gucci, Tom Ford, Saint Laurent and Tommy Hilfiger rockers and hippies were all over the catwalks. Fashion has this way to revisit the old ages and interpret it to the twenty first century, to the needs that women have now. And I admire them for that. Not only they make new collections and trends but they show you a piece of history, the world history. That's what I love about fashion.
With fashion I am not only learning about fashion and new words to add to my fashion dictionary, I am pulled to learn about the era that inspired them for the season, learning about history and expanding my horizons of the world.
So, take your flare jeans out of the closet, rock those high waist pants, and live the '70s. I remember my first flare pants, I still have them in my wardrobe,  I was 14 they were white and I bought them at some street shop with old stuff, vintage. They were white, low waist, and the best part was that they covered my shoes, give that relevant feet illusion and I loved it. I used them until they got really tight at my waist. The other day I took them out and tried them on, they still fit but at the waist they are really tight but still I can't throw them away, the memories I have from wearing them are too dear....
Four years later, in 2008, I bought a new pair in Mango, black, high waist and flare, PERFECT. Every now and then I rock them and people look at me like I am from another time, super fun.
Platform shoes are back too, and some are super fun, with patterns that remind us of the Flower Power era. Flower, strips pattern are in too, the light flowy material and the long dresses are a must have. Loose and wavy hair, looking dismantled giving it a natural look were seen all over the runways.
Another inspiration from the Seventies is the suede, total look or just accessories, fringes. Suede reappears and you should wear it.
So go to your mums or grandmother's closet and get inspired, I am sure that at least one piece you can use now and look amazing.

Followers, share with me, tell me your favorites of the season!

xoxo, A


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