Qu'est-ce que vous voulez manger?

I have missed writing and coming here to talk about fashion. Been pretty busy with college, working, etc etc. But today I felt inspired to come here and share with you my fascination with my favorite fashion show this year. CHANEL OF COURSE. Only Karl Lagerfeld to put this together.

 Brasserie Gabrielle was the IT place (too bad it's not real) with all the latest IT girls.

Perfect front row! Queen Anne W

With Cara's new black hair, the Coco Chanel shoes, Kendall Jenner and the best of all, Chanel's new plate clutch. Looks impractical or ridiculous, whatever you want to call it, but I just want one to add to my collection of bags that I like to look at, and occasionally sleep with.

The feathers and details (heavy breathing)

From the beautifully embellished white maxi aprons layered over trousers to the bow ties and French maid's lace be-ribboned collars, the collection gave the classic uniform a high fashion makeover.
The models drinked champagne and orange juice in the café after taking their turn.
Karl Lagerfeld continuous using themes in a magical way, drawing us and making us want to be apart of that world.
What do you think dear followers? Comment and let us know.

xoxo, A


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