это очень шикарный (Très Chic but with a Russian Twist)

Ulyana Sergeenko presented her new collection in a salon at Le Bristol hotel back in January. The collection reflects Sergeenko style, influenced by pieces you have seen her wear in fashion weeks.
I admire her style and the references to specific eras of the Russian history. She defends tradition and it's shown in the employees she hires, up to 100 people whose handwork often reflect the native of the region.

The attention to detail on her collection is amazing, making every item unique, there's no one like her and the pieces represent her very well. From the dresses to the accessories, detail is the word. Look at the shoes, see the details? That extra je ne sais pas, turning a simple shoe into an amazing piece.

 The bags are beautiful, can turn every normal day to day look very chic.

My favorite pieces are the dresses and the skirts, the perfection with which they were stitched together makes the dresses and skirts have the right volume and size, accentuating your silhouette.

 The piece that I wish I had on my closet, for spring it shows the right skin and the pattern of the skirt is beautifully made.

xoxo, A


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