Wish List

After a long day of study time and a little bit of yoga there's no better way to relax than doing some online shopping or just seeing what's new.
Uterqüe has amazing heels, and as a shoe lover myself of course I had to fell in love with some.
I found out that Summer is just around the corner and I don't have any sandals to wear, so I choose this gorgeous feather sandals, whether you wear jeans or a maxi dress they look so good.

The other day I went to Primark and there I found the most amazing high heel with snakeskin effect but just from putting them on my feet hurt, so that was a no buy. Instead I am thinking about this Uterqüe snakeskin effect heels, fell head offer heels for this heels. Perfect to wear them with my jeans.

My Mango black pumps are in serious need of retirement, so I have to find a new pair and this black high heels are the ones that I need.

Can you believe that I never owned a pair of red heels? How can that be? I shoe lover but never owned a pair o red pumps, such a failure. The truth is that I am kind of a picky, and if I like the shoe I don't like the red, if I like the color I don't like the heel. It's hard finding the perfect shoe. If only I had a Godmother like Cinderella!! There's no Godmother but there's Uterqüe and they have the most amazing red heels. I want them!

I think I have enough for now! Tomorrow I'll want more shoes but for now this is it! Uterqüe in bankruptcy but at least I would have fabulous shoes.

xoxo, A


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