Middle East Girls Do It Better

The Sisters: Alice, Nadine and Farah

When you start being a blogger, you have to invest in search, know everything first, share the information and interpret the way that it fits your blog. Lately I have been finding a lot about the middle eastern girl's style, looks, fashion queens and stores. It's amazing the way they dress, lots of blood colors, not afraid to be different, embracing fashion in a really cool, modern way. Truly inspirational!
The Sisters is a reality show, they call it the Lebanon Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Actually I find it funnier. Who presented this girls to me was the co-founder  of The Follow Affair, M. We love their style, it's super fresh, comfortable but not forgetting to look fabulous, even with sneakers. It's hard to choose just one sister, all their style is very different but so awesome.
Another middle eastern girl that I find super inspirational, I already made a post about her t-shirts, is the graphic designer and the fabulous Jordan designer of the Karlito t-shirts, Haya Awad. This woman is so chic, having great accessories to complement her outfits. Not only she makes fabulous t-shirts, that everybody wants, she can also put a fantastic style together, whether she is at a party or just enjoying a normal day with the family.
Visiting Dubai you see amazing girls with fantastic fashion taste, even when wearing the traditional clothes, they amazed me for the little details they have on the abayas.
This girls aren't afraid to wear bold colors, mix patterns, sequins, bright neon t-shirts, is so refreshing. You guys must read one of my favorite blogger from Dubai, My FashDiary, so brilliant and beautiful.
I must say, this middle eastern girls are true inspiration when it comes to style, they will take the fashion industry by storm.

Haya Awad 
My FashDiary
xoxo, A


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