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I'm a huge Breakfast at Tiffany's fan, not only of the book but also read the book a 100 times. It's different interpretations of Holly Golightly but I love them both.
Audrey Hepburn turned this character into the most known in the classic movies, and even the accessories and clothes worn by the character  are wanted all over the world. I already wrote about the iconic lipstick worn by Holly in the cab scene, a Revlon pink color, that I totally want for my collection, unfortunately I haven't had the time to visit Revlon in Lisbon and buy the lipstick.
It wasn't only the lipstick that was turned into an iconic part of the movie, you can't talk about the movie without mentioning the sunglasses worn by Holly throughout the movie. At first I thought they were Ray Ban Wayfarer, the design looks a lot like the Ray Ban classic model but after intense research I found out the real thing.
Oliver Goldsmith designed the sunglasses, the model is called Manhattan, the are so classy and glamorous, perfect on Audrey's petit frame. You can choose a lot of colors for the frames but in the movie what you see is the Dark Tortoiseshell, my favorite actually. You can buy them for $440, have to search where I can find them in Portugal, in serious need of another pair of sunglasses and this are the perfect model.

xoxo, A


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