All Hail Queen Victoria Beckham

Two words, VICTORIA BECKHAM!! It says it all, I mean, this woman can do anything and have success! From bags, jeans to dresses, she knows how a woman wants to feel when she puts clothes on, the curves in the body that need to be accentuate, the extra fatties you need to hide! OK I WILL ADMIT, I AM IN LOVE WITH VICTORIA BECKHAM! Love her style, her kids an of course her MAJOR FABULOUS husband :P

Let's take a look at her latest collection Fall 2012! And where you can get a dress inspired on her collection!

                                  Victoria was seen wearing the blue dress

                                     Pure Class!! Never go wrong in a LBD ;)

Topshop created a very similiar dress from Victoria's collection


As Victoria would say, THIS IS MAJORRR


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