need a spring Inspiration?

we already post about stunning olivia palermo and her style! Now its time for the Hill's main character, LAUREN CONRAD.. This girl rocks, beside her girly style, she is a bussiness women, who built an empire, clothes, shoes, books and now a website. check where you can read about recipes, home decoration, fashion tips to get her look.

 Lauren always use wavy beachy hair, very natural and sweet like her. even if she wears a skirt or jeans, frills complete her  girly look.

Her make-up always look fresh, girly, and simple, that shows up her natural beauty, with a eyelinered cat eyes! the pinky lips give to her a twist!
One of her statement hairstyle is the braid, on the side on the top, wherever she feels like!
she owns a website with her hairstylist and her make-up artist, so take a look..

Spring floral dress complete her wardrobe, in pastel colours.
Too girly girl for me!

Here she takes a risk and get out of her sweet look with a dress that shows up her tan and her cleavage.

Cant get more spring than this!

pink again! she's such a pretty little face

Keep it casual with a a tribal print tunic and aviator sunglasses

In my opinion i think she could take more risks and get out of her confort zone.. Im more a Olivia than a Lauren, but her style is definitly a good inspiration for spring time.

by Mariana


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