Upcoming Designers: Mary Katrantzou

One of my favorite designers this year is Mary Katrantzou.
Those dresses drive me crazy! The first time, I ever heard of this designer was on January ELLE UK magazine, bought in Amsterdam when I was getting back home after an amazing Christmas holiday in Dubai with my family. The firts time I opened the magazine I thought "wow are this dresses made from real porcelain, painted and glue together?". Then I decided to read about her past, I wanted to know how she gets the colors in the dresses to make it look so alive, like you could almost touch it through the pictures in the magazine.
It was all explained when I discovered that her mother was an interior designer and her father trained in textile design, witha background like this of course Mary was going to be great in capturing every color and texture in a way that only she knows.

Everybody is in love with her and her dresses that look like painted by hand vases. She even created a collection to Topshop, that I want to put my hands on.

From Keira Knightley to Anna dello Russo, Mary Katrantzou has convinced the world of fashion she is here to stay.

Please admire the colors in Anna dello Russo's dress. No other designer ever captured colors this way!! AMAZING!!

Check her website: Mary Katrantzou

by Ana


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