We Got More Bounce In California

I want to lose myself in L.A.!! After watching this collection by H&M I WANT TO GET LOST IN L.A.! Bright colors that look amazing with a bright healthy tan and Californian highlights.
The colors you see in this H&M collection, the use of Indian heritage print of swirling curling shapes was seen on various catwalks, from Jil Sander to Emilio Pucci.

On the beach parties, white looks super chic but if you add this scarf your on another level and stand out on the crowd!

Don't forget the scarf, it pulls the look together!! Even with a cute bikini, black, white, or any other color that doesn't collapse with the colors seen on the scarf, you look very chic!!

This shirts is amazing thanks to the details on the collar! 

Love this shorts! Very fashionable for beach or for a more urban style!! Versatile fashion is the BEST ;)

Detail of the shorts:

So dear followers shall we get lost in L.A.  together?? ;)

P.S. Go to the Lost In L.A. by H&M website

by Ana xoxo


  1. This collection is so beautiful, love it and wanna buy something from it =)
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  2. great photos and style
    i'm following u but now it's your turn :) follow me


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  3. i'm in your followers, follow me


    1. Done!! We r following u!!

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  4. Such a great post, I really like it, these pics are so nice!
    Take a look and if you want we can follow each others: Cosa mi metto???
    Three lucky person will win a pair of sunnies of therir choise, enter the contest!!!


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