Trend: Wedge Sneaker

So I've seen lately on magazines, blogs this new type of sneaker. AND I ADORE IT!! I must admit that I'm not a sneaker girl, I haven't worn them since I came to Portugal and study Law! All the time I wear heels, and only have one pair of ballerina flats! I sold my soul to the devil when I put on my first pair of heels (yes, I got this quote from The Devil Wears Prada movie ;)).
Back to the sneakers, it's a great idea for people like me to wear heels and at the same time be comfortable, and you can use them everywhere, countryside, beach, city. I started searching info about them, and fell head over heels for the ones designed by Isabel Marant (one of my fav designers, gotta write about her), but I must admit that they're really expensive for only a pair on sneakers (yes, yes, I know they are Isabel Marant, but still), $600 is a little bit to much, if you ask me.

                    (Isabel Marant)



Here comes the BUT, if you're like me and feel that you're life is only completed if you acquire a pair of this super cute wedge sneakers, H&M has the pair, white or black with neon strips (neon, is a must have). 

           H&M Wedge Sneakers

Let us know what you think!! I'm outta here, cause I got a pair of sneakers waiting for moi ;)

by Ana xoxo


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