All Join Prabal Gurung

After the devastating earthquake in Nepal the amount of voices and help has doubled and even the fashion world wants to contribute in times of destruction and when every helping hand is welcome.
Prabal Gurung, a New York base designer but raised in Kathmandu, is one of the examples, through is non-profit organisation, the Shikshya Foundation that is destined to provide education for unprivileged Nepalese children, turned into a instrument to crowdsource funds, using the Crowdside platform, aiding those affected by the disaster.
The designer is also seeking support from industry colleagues and even his followers, having of course a positive outcome, CFDA has already donated $10,000.
It's amazing that through an industry that most look at it as being stupid and futile, in times of crises are the firsts to lend a helping hand. So let's all join this cause and help Nepal. The Follow Affair is supporting the Nepal cause, trying to send whatever we can.

xoxo, A


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