Armani Silos

To celebrate 40th Armani birthday Mr. Armani opened a museum dedicated to the brand, adding a new architectural legacy to Milan, a three-storey building with its concrete walls, stone staircases and massive, high, square atrium.
The opening counted with lot of celebrities, Armani is loved by stars all over the world, attracting crowds that wanted to see the stars. From Tina Turner, the Italian Prime Minister to Leonardo DiCaprio all wandered through the exposition that exhibits Armani's women and menswear from the past 40 years, around 600 of his signature looks.
Mr. Armani turned this space built in 1950 into a time machine, showing the evolution and innovation he made through the years but this time machine is not just looking at the past, is also looking at the future, the long walk the designer still wants to make in the industry and changes that he still can make to get the clothes to pure perfection.
There is no better suit that an Armani suit, every man looks fantastic in an suit designed by this great iconic designer.

Cate Blanchett looked stunning, she is a classic beauty.

xoxo, A


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