Fall for Christian Louboutin

Last Saturday Monsieur Louboutin attend the Vogue Festival, talking to one of my idols in the fashion magazine industry, Alexandra Shulman, the Editor in Chied of British Vogue.
It seems that the two have a long relationship, having met in 1992, about the time Shulman had started working in Vogue, she went into his shop looking for a pair of heels because she wanted to look like a Vogue editor.
This man has an amazing life, inspirational actually, he left home really young, and traveled the world, visited London at age 15, loving the difference between the two cities, things that inspire him until this day. But it's in Egypt where he feels more at home, where he has his summer residence and where he gets inspiration for his summer collection.
Another inspiration and fascination the shoe designer has is with the showgirls from Folies Bergères, that's where he gets the sexy shapes for his shoes. Those girls could reality wear those heels, walk down stair, dance in them, that is inspiring.
This man is amazing, not only I'm fascinated by the person he seems to be, his story but the way he can interpret what he sees around him and make the most beautiful and comfortable shoes, not forgetting to make a woman feel unique and sexy. Iconic heels that will survive through the years, no one can forget the shoes Carrie Bradshaw bought before Mr. Big left New York, that was the first time I saw a Louboutin and the love never stopped growing, even made a collection on my computer with all the models I wanted and dreamt of walking down the street with those shoes and nothing else.

Until now I never had the opportunity of owning a pair, even though my mother has a pair that she never wears, they don't fit me, I don't have Cinderella's feet. Hope that in a near future a pair Pigalle heels fall on my lap and my dreams become reality.
My love for Christian Louboutin heels is not just about the shoes, it's more than that, it's the history behind them, everything is significant in this shoes. It's looking at the red sole and remember that Louboutin was looking at a woman in his shop painting her nails red, he just picks the nail polish and starts painting the sole, turning a common shoe into the most wanted accessory in the world. It's even the historic inspiration he gets from the showgirls at the Folies Bergère, Josephine Baker, Can-Can, all the prohibited and promiscuous that the place transpired, Djemile Fatme and her sensual dance. All this belongs in a part of the history of a country, of a city, Paris. It's knowing the essence of a city where you can't forget the years of debauchery, the Moulin Rouge, the great minds that lived in those years, the concentration of cultural and intellectual people was intense back then, that's what Louboutin reminds me of every single time, the reason why I admire him so much and owning a pair of his heels is part of me.

xoxo, A


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