TchiTchi Doll

Accessories for bags are a must, a few months ago you only worried about the accessories you were going to use, earrings, bracelets, necklace but now you need to think about what accessory your bag needs for your look to be complete.
The variety is enormous, just with the Fendi monsters you have a lot to pick from and of course my favorite Karlito man. I also discovered a new bag accessory, the TchiTchi Doll.
The beautiful hand made doll figures are a creation from a Lebanese fashion expert and TV presenter, Fadia Dekmak, the idea started June 2014 and the fans on Instagram keep on growing, The Follow Affair being one of them. Compare to the Fendi monsters the TchiTchi dolls are more within your price range.

Fadia Dekmak the designer of the TchiTchi Doll
The dolls have real fox fur, Swarovski crystal and pearls, and you can customize the doll to your liking, choosing from different hair colors, black, brown, fuchsia, pink, purple, dark navy blue, grey or white. The doll is super chic with her dresses or jumpsuits with lace, sequins or other material. She can have her eyes opened or closed with long lashes and red lips The designer had a great idea by giving you the possibility to customize the doll the way you want it.
It takes 10-15 days for each doll to be made so when it's delivered to your door the precisions and details are perfect and you can rock this doll on your bag and make everyone jealous of the TchiTchi. The box where the doll comes is beautiful, having a personal touch from the designer herself, having a look a like cartoon on the box.
TchiTchi Doll can be delivered worldwide and you can place an order through Whatsupp or call, visit the Instagram page.
TchiTchi is the new IT bag doll and The Follow Affair wants one!

xoxo, A


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