Shopping in Lisbon: Avenida da Liberdade

No, I haven't forgotten about the Shopping in Lisbon issue, I just been really busy and the next spot I want to talk about is my favorite so I want to show you everything in perfection.
This first post about the avenue will be an introduction, a general view to get you all excited.
It's the most important avenue in Lisbon, with ten lanes divided by pedestrian pavements decorated with gardens, connecting Restauradores with Marquês de Pombal. The avenue was built in the XIX, modelled after the boulevards of Paris and became a preferred address for the upper class.
Many of the original buildings can still be found, reflecting the Portuguese architecture from the late 19th century. The sidewalks are paved with the traditional Portuguese pavement and the roundabouts are decorated with monuments and statues that pay homage to important personalities. My favorite is the Monument to the Heroes of the Great War, a tribute to the 50,000 Portuguese soldiers that fought in World War I.

Now to the good part, the avenue attracts lots of tourists for the architecture, the sense of old century you get but also for hosting the most luxurious brands like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada, Tod's, Burberry and many others. It's considered the 35th most expensive avenue in the world and the 10th most luxurious in the world. You can visit this stores but Fashion Clinic should be in your tour, it's the oldest and most prestigious shops in the Avenue, where you can buy Christian Louboutin, Diptyque, Valentino, Kenzo, Charlotte Olympia and other top international luxury labels.

Besides the luxurious shops, having coffee at a cafe table shaded by trees is pure heaven, it's the best place to spent an afternoon of pure dolce fare niente.

They have great hotels, with amazing views, Sky Bar is my favorite, when the weather gets warm the rooftop in this hotel is one of the bests to admire the city and having cocktails with your friends. Last year I went there and it took my breath away, I live in this city for almost 7 years and doesn't stop surprising me. So expect to see me there this year, maybe I can have drinks with my Followers, it's a nice spot to meet new people. 

As you can see, this Avenue as a lot to offer from Hotels to architecture, Avenida da Liberdade is a place to visit and I will guide you.
You have 3 metro stations, so you can start the tour from the south by Restauradores, from the middle by Avenida, from the north by Marquês de Pombal.

xoxo, A


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