Is It Dior in a Comic Book?

I'm not a comic book girl! I have read the classic ones that every little kid reads when they are young, Tintin, Asterix and Obelix, Mickey Mouse, besides this I'm not crazy about this type of books.
Buuuut I'm going crazy for this Dior comic book from the writer and graphic designer Annie Goetzinger. Amazing illustrations, with breath taking dresses describes in perfection every look and character in a luxurious world.
Main character is named character and the story revolves around her being a fashion journalist that after attending a Dior fashion show, in 1947, the year it revolutionized the industry introducing the "New Look", arouses the attention of the designer.
Being a fan of this house I'm going to buy the book for sure but for now is going to my Wish List.

xoxo, A


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