Portuguese Designers Conquering the World: Sophia Kah

The other day I was fascinated by the dress Beyoncé wore for her mother's wedding day, a beautiful white lace gown with a V neck. Yoncé looked flawless in the photo taken next to her mother, sister and friends but the important question that you should be asking yourself is: Who's the designer of the gown? And I have the answer.

Sophia Kah is a two year old label, based in London, launched by Ana Teixeira de Sousa, a Portuguese designer, basically she designs evening gowns that compared to other labels are affordable, like I read it a while a go, instead of selling your leg and your arm do buy the dress, you only need to sell your arm to own a Sophia Kah dress. An let me tell you I would do it in a blink of an eye, the gowns are amazingly beautiful.
Beyoncé is not the first celebrity to be seen wearing Sophia Kah, Florence Welch was seen wearing a gown from the designer, super romantic, flowing and light, she looked like an angel. Keira Knightley is another fan of the label.

Her signature is lace, applied to dresses nipped at the waist and articulated by a kind of exposed corsetry. She grow up surround by needles and thread, even her mother is a children's clothes designer and her grandmother founded a textile factory. Actually most of the Sophia kay collections are produced locally with de Sousa traditional techniques.
As a Portuguese and a defender for the national designers is amazing seeing Ana Teixeira de Sousa conquering the world one dress at a time, making beautiful pieces affordable to more people and even seeing our favorite celebrities wearing her gowns.
Here's her Spring 2015 collection:

xoxo, A


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