Where Zilian Takes Me?

One of my favorite shoe brand is national, right from my country, where usually quality shoes leave to run the world but now we have fantastic brands with great quality, super fun designs from ballerinas to stilettos. Hey, I have to promote my country for the best it has to offer, and Zilian is one of those great offers that are trying to run the world one pair of stilettos at a time.

Zilian is a Portuguese brand for feminine shoe, it opened the first shop back in 2008 in Lisbon, then Braga and other points in Portugal, even an online store, and in 2012 it opened the first international shop, in Madrid.

I love Zilian because you find a variety of models, very trendy, the best quality and the price range is awesome, totally acceptable for such shoes. The best of both worlds, great quality and good price.
The way that their shoes make a perfect outfit pops amazes me, it's like they say on their website "Shoes are important. They make you shine, without being on the spotlight. Reflect an attitude or a state of mind, the personality of somebody that feels good in her own skin." They get what a woman search in a shoe, it's not that they are beautiful, they have to make you feel beautiful, they have to be in the same spirit as you. That's what I look for in a shoe, and that's why I fell head over heels for this brand from the moment I got my blue ballerinas, that my friend bought for me, last year.
It's not a brand that fits only the Portuguese women, it's a brand that could conquer the world and be a reference out there next to the giant market brands, and that makes me proud.
Let's all buy Zilian and you won't regret it.

Their new collection S/S 2015.

Last year I fell in love with these, and the worst part was that I wanted in all colors that existed, red, black and nude. In the end I didn't bought the shoes and I fell so unhappy, if by surprise they fell on my lap by magic, I would go to bed so happy. How can shoes make you feel this way?!

Besides shopping online for these beauties, you can visit Zilian stores in Lisbon, on Rua Garrett is the  Zilian Pop Up Chiado and on Avenida António Augusto de Aguiar you can visit Zilian Lisboa. Outside Portugal, in Madrid the store is located in Calle Goya. Don't miss it ;)

xoxo, A


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