Karlito Fever

If you follow me on Instagram, you already know that I'm crazy about Karlito bag charm from Fendi. It's the perfect accessory for a bag or even for your keys, he is the perfect man, cool, chic and super IN, giving an extra boost to your life. The only problem is, like anything that is this perfect, that it's super expensive more than 1000$. Unfortunately!!

BUUUUTTTTTT.... You can have Karlito t-shirt they are fantastic. I discovered last night after a lot of research that this amazing t-shirt is designed by a Jordanian designer Haya Awad, Fashion Attack.
She sells the Karlito t-shirt in Dubai (studio8fashion, in The Dubai Mall), Abu Dhabi , Lebanon, Jordan, Oman, Cairo, Kuwait and Bahrain boutiques. OOOOOHHHHHH I wish I was in Dubai so I could purchase this beauty!

All the photos from Fashion Attack / Haya Awad Facebook

The graphic designer Haya Awad. She is gorgeous, very stylish, super chic and makes amazing t-shirts. Visit her Facebook page.

xoxo, A


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