Sushi Festival

The first european sushi festival is in Portugal, in July and The Follow Affair will be there.
At first when all the crazy about sushi started, I has my serious doubts that it was good, I am not a fish person, especially raw. No way I was going to try it, but after years and years of not surrendering, I gave up and went to sushi with a friend and I has to admit that I loved it and since then from time to time I have the need to eat sushi.
The festival will be in Oeiras, near Lisbon, in Jardins (Gardens) and Palácio do Marquês (Marquis Pombal Palace) from 2 to 4th of July, It's going to gather recognized sushi chefs and some of the best Portuguese musicians.
It's a great idea if you are thinking about visiting Lisbon, so don't forget to come visit the first sushi festival in Europe.

xoxo, A


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