Pitoxe: My Best Friend!

Yes, my iPhone has a name. So what? Ever since I was 17 all my phones has this name. Don't know why this name, it just sounds cute in my mother tongue, Portuguese. This is iPhone is probably the seventh generation of Pitoxes, so his name correctly is Pitoxe, the VII. Crazy conversation about a phone but he truly is my best friend and best friends have names. He gives me informations, keeps me contacted with other friends, and even with you followers :)
All this conversation bout presenting you Pitoxe is that he needs a new case and I need to choose a new one. Help me guys, please.
Currently he is wearing a Marc Jacobs Dog Motif case, looks like Tobias (my fluffy boxer) but he is tired of always wearing black, he wants something more bright for Season.
My favorite are the Moschino cases but Stella McCartney has pretty good ones.

1. Moschino Bear Silicone Case
2. Alice + Olivia Case
3. Stella McCartney Lip Case
4. Moschino T-Shirt Silicone Case
5. Stella McCartney Shark Case
6. Moschino Camera Rubber Case

Tell me Followers, which one should I choose?

xoxo, A


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