Need to Shop: Zara

Lately I don't have time to shop, not even online, I spend my time between studying and investing in the blog. I don't want to lose contact with my followers, blogging is amazing, you get the sense of the world, having readers from around the world. It's an amazing sensation! Thank you so much! 
Has I was saying, I don't have time to shop but yesterday I couldn't sleep so to spend the time I went to to make a list of all the things that I need to shop or try at the store.
The embroiled jacket is an essential piece, it makes a outfit come together, you will stand out in a crowed, very chic. Lot of bloggers have this jacket, it's so perfect for day wear.
The ballet flats is a must have in your closet, and this is very classy style, black is perfect for ballerinas, Audrey Hepburn would love to wear them.
Fringe sandals, what to say about this? Well, it's a trend and it's super fun. Shoes with fringes make me go bananas, I love them. With boyfriend jeans this sandals would look great, with a classy dress this shoes would give a boost to that look. Fringe sandals go with everything.

xoxo, A


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