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Mansur Gavriel has the IT bag for this spring. On Instagram a see constantly pictures of the bucket bag with red interior color. The bag sold out pretty quickly, it was an overnight sensation and everybody wants a Mansur Gavriel bucket bag.
Rachel Mansur and Floriana Gavriel met in a concert and became friends even though they weren't living in the same continent, - Rachel was in LA while Floriana lived in Berlin - so they conceived the line via email. The collection is perfect and for a leather quality bag it's not very expensive, is the right mount you want to spend in this type of bag. But in The Follow Affair we thought that maybe you still don't want such a big commitment or that for some the bag is not that cheap, so we want to give you an alternative.
I love bucket bags (remember the Louis Vuitton Noe), super fun, over one shoulder, easy to go and can carry a lot of stuff. Alessandra Ambrosia was already seen with the Mansur Gabriel Bucket bag.
Steve Madden has a look a like bag for less and is so beautiful, black and red never looked so good together.

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