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Fringe never goes out of style! Since the flappers years fringe has ornamented fashion through the ages, having an explosion in the '70s. Back in that time the fringe helped a revolution of ideas, worn by those tired of the same system, actually if you think about it, fringe has always been always connected to changes in the world. In the '20s fringe wore worn by girls that were tired of the victorian style that persisted, they cute their hair, put on loose dresses with fringes that they shook while dancing crazy listening to jazz, liberating themselves from years of oppression.
Nowadays there's not one season where fringe is not an important element and this Spring is no exception, they have conquered the urban girl, they are welcome in the city as they are in festivals like Coachella. Different and amazing ways you can wear them, thanks to the fantastic ideas designers have. 
But don't abuse it, in my opinion and my style I like to see just one item with fringe, special the accessories,  bag or a heel, fringes look great on accessories. Every year I chance where I want fringe, last year I was obsessed with fringes on bags, this year I want them in heels. I love them on shoes, heels, sandals, flats, whatever I want fringe. The Valentino leather pumps are amazing, the color is beautiful, they scream my name but I get a hold of myself because the price is not in my range unfortunately, so I need to find something more economical. After a lot of searching I found the Zara fringed sandals, and they look awesome whether in black or ecru, the fringe gives  special touch to them.
If you are looking for fringe heels t a good price, The Follow Affair has your back.

xoxo, A


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