There's a New Hotel in Town

Years and years of studying in Lisbon, a place near Atrium do Saldanha, right Praça Duque de Saldanha, one of the most busiest area in the city, was under construction and yesterday I saw the result of all those years. It's a new hotel, to be more precise it's the Evolution Lisboa Hotel from SANA Hotels Group.
I was amazed by it's architecture, the big hand supporting the building, the big windows to let the sun in and that invites you to spend the day there watching people go by.
It's a 4 star hotel, with 10 floors and 144 bedrooms, it has public areas, reading, work, restaurants, fitness area, conference rooms and at night you can count on DJ's.
As I was walking by the hotel I imagined living in it or just spending the day studying near those giant windows.
It should be the new IT hotel in Lisbon, located in a great area with excellent access to subway or bus stations, besides you can do some shopping in this area.

xoxo, A


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