Shopping in Dubai: Mall of the Emirates

I miss Dubai, the shoppings, the hotels, the beach, the multiple cultures you can find in one city. It's a great city, in the beginning it's hard to get used to the culture difference, to the heat and to the movement of a city that like any other, never sleeps.
One of my shopping places was the Mall of Emirates, and this year this amazing shopping mall will celebrate it's 10th year anniversary, it's a decade of being the premier shopping destination in the region.
How much I miss the trip to go shopping to Mall of Emirates, traveling in the Sheikh Zayed Road, so big, so fantastic, there's nothing like it.
I visited Dubai a lot, spending 2 to 3 months there but never went to Ski Dubai, and go crazy in the snow while outside it was so hot your own skin could melt.

Any brand you need can be found in this mall, from Accessorize to Yves Saint Laurent, from luxurious brands to high street brands,  if you want a department store you have 5 to choose from. If you are hungry, you have a huge variety of restaurants, cafes, chocolateries, anything you want can be found in here. My biggest entertainment was the Virgin Megastore, books, cd's, dvds, music instruments, funny gadgets could be found in here, I would lose myself in there.

Pierre Hermé  was always there for me when I was tired and losing my shopping strength. Pinkberry has the best frozen yogurt. My favorite cafes to have a quick bite or some brunch was PAUL, all the food is great, the best bread and Armani Cafe is awesome, really stylish space near the most luxurious part of the mall, you are surround by the best brands, Louis Vuitton, Chanel will be your company for lunch.

 Boutique 1

Are you a cupcake lover? Well then go to The Hummingbird Bakery, they are sooooooo delicious, red velvet is my favorite flavor.

Fauchon is great for dinner or even just to buy some sweets to take home. Want the american dinner experience? Johnny Rockets is the place to visit.

I am crazy about shoes, and here I met my heaven made on Earth, Christian Louboutin and Steve Madden were my favorite spots to spend some dirhams.

I miss Dubai for it's greatness, where a shopping mall was a big city where anything at anytime can be found.
We will always have Dubai, until we meet again, I hope in the near future.

xoxo, A


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