Go Nude with Louboutin

What woman doesn't want to own a pair of Louboutins? I speak for myself that I would go bananas to buy the Pigalle black style, actually I had lots of opportunities to own them but a girl has priorities, I'm not Carrie Bradshaw a writer living in NYC and that can buy 500 dollar shoes everyday.
Besides the Pigalle, another style that I would love to have would be a pair from the Nude collection and Christian Louboutin has just expanded the collection so that you can find your color skin in perfection and look amazing. This collection started back in 2013 and the new colors were presented in New York, Bergdorf Goodman.
Nude is the best color shoe, it goes with everything you wear, it's very classic and elegant, never goes out of style, if you are wearing them with a skirt, your legs will look longer and thiner. What girl doesn't want that? If you can't have long legs give the illusion, I'm not very tall, like 169cm so this shoes are perfect.
According to the designer next year more colors are going to be presented, intermediate colors that still don't exist, so if you can't still find the right color for your skin, you can wait for next year and buy the right shoe with the right color.

xoxo, A


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