Could I Have Some Water, Please?

You have to stay hydrated, it is very important for your wealth, your skins looks amazing when you drink water, it's the best you can do to you and your body!
I must tell you that I fail a lot in going that, I simply forget to keep hydrated or if I'm thirsty I drink soft drinks with ice (specially SeveUp, so good!!) but that is so bad, I feel my skin dry, not shinning, I hate it. So to put an end to this, I get water that I love, especial brands or I get waters that have flavor, even better. Here are my go to waters from Portuguese to International brands, this are my top, I'm always accompanied by this cool drinks.

 FIJI Water is amazing! I love the taste, is so fresh, so pure, from the moment I discovered the brand years ago I fell in love with it.  I couldn't find the brand in Portugal, so when I was in Dubai or Macao this was the only water that I consumed. The other day while shopping in El Corte Inglés in Lisbon, I went into the supermarket and there they were. From now on I'll be visiting El Corte Inglés more often to get this babies.

Can I please get the straw cap, please? I love the bottle, the design!

Luso is a Portuguese brand of waters, is the best but a few years ago you have Luso waters with fruit flavors, Luso Frutas. There are a lot of flavors, lemon, passion fruit to apple, but my favorite is coconut and their newest flavor, pomegranate and açai berries. Great for the summer and take to the beach. You will drink it in a blink of an eye.

As you can see, there's no excuse for not being hydrated, you have this cool waters.

xoxo, A


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