Let's Go to Hawaii with OPI

I am an unconditional fan of OPI products, it's the only nail polish I use, even if the salon I go doesn't have the brand I take mine to use. So when I heard about the new collection from OPI I had to investigate what new colors am I going to wear for this Summer.
Of course a collection with Hawaii in the name had super vibrant amazing colors that will look fantastic next to your tan skin. It's hard to choose a favorite color but I think I pick "Go with The Lava Flow", reds are my favorites or maybe "Do You Take Lei Away?", since I like neude shades.
"My Gecko Does Tricks" is a beautiful green to wear in the Summer, perfect for beach days, messy hair, tanned skin and no care in the world. OHHHH I MISS SUMMER!

xoxo, A


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