Portuguese Fashion Conquering the World

As a Portuguese, I proudly defend what my country has to offer when it comes to fashion and it's fantastic when I read articles about the Portugal fashion industry gaining importance in the world.
I'm talking about a Forbes article I read recently talking about how Portuguese fashion designers, starting to have influence in the fashion industry.
Portugal Fashion that happens in Lisbon and Porto, it's our own fashion week. This year back in March, we celebrated 20 years, and it's about time that fashion puts eyes on what we have, on what we can contribute to this industry.
As one of the leaders when it comes to exporting textile and leather goods thanks to our high qualities, Portugal should attract more investors and more fashion industry lovers. Portuguese designers resort mainly to national producers and goods, for example cork, it's fantastic what we can do with cork, accessories, clothes, the way we can shape it's unique, and that should be shared with the international industries.
We already conquered a lot of labels when it comes to our textile industry, the Made in Portugal tag is starting to gain ground, from Zara to Versace, they all want our textile.
Our high quality leather shoes is on the rise, and our shoe designers are starting to get their products out, Luis Onofre is one of the best from the designs to the quality is fantastic, competing with the best on the market. Josefina is another brand that is gaining followers, I already made a article about them, they even have the most expensive ballet flats.

As I read on the Forbes article: ''With such an abundance of materials, Portugal could be the perfect place for a designer to set up shop'' and I couldn't agree more. Being a young designer is hard in Portugal compared to other countries where the fashion industry is really important for the economy, of course you can go out and maybe start your own company in another country but not all have that opportunity and besides if all of them started to emigrate things wouldn't change, we need to fight the problem internally so that our young designers can represent Portugal, get to the top and compete next to other international labels, just as good as them.
Portugal fashion industry can go global, I believe in the best my country has to offer, that's what I am doing through this blog, I want to place our national designers out there, get Portugal on the map next to Milan and Paris Fashion Week and conquer the fashion industry.
Please read and share this text and the Forbes article, help get the word out there.

xoxo, A


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