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OK, OK! I'm crazy about the bags from Céline Lefébure! Le Sac de Karin is amazing!! AHHHH the perfect bucket bag!
Today is the day dedicated to buckets bag, but the Céline Lefébure are gorgeous, the naturel color would look perfect next to me while shopping in Lisbon, going for a walk around, can imagine having adventures together, conquering the bloggers world together!! Ohh a girl can dream specially when you have this bag in question.
Visit their website and go crazy with the bags, because all their designs are perfect, it's hard to choose which one you should buy! For now I will stick with Le Sac de Karin

From now on I will look up to Céline Lefébure bags. Hope you guys visit the website and investigate about the brand. Tell me everything.

xoxo, A


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